Aspiring Founder 101

hello there 👋

I'm Ana.

I’ve been growing businesses all my life: starting from the content marketing agency, and ending with startups that I coach. I’m also mentoring startups within the Founder Institute program.

🔥 Me biggest achievements so far 🔥

1) Grew a content marketing agency where I was a co-founder, into a Top-10 nationwide content agencies in 4 years

2) Built, grew and sold e-comm business for $2M

3) Built an off-line retail chain with annual revenue over $3M

4) Closed one €6M deal

5) Self-taught all the most popular no-code tools and freelanced as developer for 2 years.

Right now, I’m building my new startup and a DTC brand using all the knowledge I managed to gain during 18 years in non-tech business.

I write about startups, growth and product marketing.

What exactly would you read about if you sign up to my newsletter?

  • You will read real stories from other founders. I connect with bootstrapped founders on Twitter and LinkedIn and tell their stories so that you know what they know and could repeat their strategies of getting those first 100 customers.
  • You will read about my strategies and steps while I’m building my startup Balconizer.
  • Once in a while I take a founder and offer to fully rebuild their marketing — starting from landing page, and ending copy for Facebook ads. I don’t charge anything for this consulting but I use their cases in my newsletter.
  • I’m a huge fan of behavioural marketing. If I come across some news studies and experiments or frameworks that might help you tap into implicit motives of your customers, increase conversion rate and get better business with minimum effort — well, I’m delighted to share these findings in my newsletter as well.

Do not sign up:

  1. If you’re interested in only the technical side of marketing (like technical SEO).
  2. If you are into “fortune cookie” style advice like “just start — and you’ll crush it”, “the hardest thing is to start”, “marketing is about them, not you”, etc. I believe some of those phrases are too obvious to bother even repeating them . And some are more suitable for 8 yo than for adults building their businesses.

In all other cases — you're welcome to my Aspiring Founders Club!

You can always reach out to me just replying to my newsletter issue or DM me on Twitter or LinkedIn. I’d be excited to tell your story or share everything I know.

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